How to Tell If it’s Time to Replace the Air Conditioner

When your air conditioning system starts to deteriorate in performance, you are left with two options – either get it repaired, or replaced. In some cases, your AC may be in a condition beyond repair. Whether the AC Unit is not cooling properly or if your AC is past its prime, here are some common signs that can tell you when your AC needs to be replaced.

  1. The AC is Over a Decade Old

If that’s the case, then consider getting an AC with an ENERGY STAR label as a replacement. When properly installed, newer ACs help you save up to 20% on energy bills.

  1. The Equipment Requires Frequent Repairs

At the same time, your energy bills have skyrocketed in a relatively short period of time. Not only is your AC less efficient but it’s also consuming more energy.

  1. Varying Cooling in Different Rooms

Even when all the ACs in your home are at the same temperature! This is a sign of poor equipment installation or repair along with air duct problems.

  1. Your AC Is Getting Noisy

Undersized ductwork could be one of the leading causes of this problem. Problems in the indoor coil could also point out a prevalent issue in the air conditioning system installation.

  1. Repairs that are Getting Increasingly Expensive

With each passing day, a new issue arises in your AC that is more expensive than the previous one you had, and that too was a few weeks ago right?

An AC that is past its prime is more trouble than convenience. Getting it repaired is only a short term solution, and not cost effective. Hence, it is practical to get your AC replaced with a new one. At Our Place Air, we can help you with AC replacement, installation, and inspection to ensure that your quality of life is not compromised!

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